John Corbin

I was married in Calverley Parish Church over 50 years ago to Pauline. At that time, we lived in Farsley but were far from God.
We moved to Calverley and started attending St. Wilfrid’s with the intention of having our first granddaughter Oliva baptised.
But God had other ideas.
We accepted an invitation pushed through our letterbox to spend ‘An hour at The Kings Arms’ (this was a new family-friendly service at the time), and through it we both came to faith, fell in love with God, and like all loving relationships we couldn’t get enough of him.

That was over twenty years ago, and since then our lives have been transformed. We have experienced the ‘Toronto Blessing’ (look it up!), have been Churchwardens together, have helped lead worship, ran many starter course for those seeking Christ, and along the way have discovered many new friends whom we love and who have encouraged us on our Journey.

Later in life I Studied and eventually became a Reader in the Church of England and I am now licensed to preach and officiate at Funerals at the tender age of 70! My only regret is that we never discovered Jesus earlier, and my message to you as a Reader is this;
‘Now is the time of Gods favour, now is the time of Salvation… come whilst you can.’

I finish with this; If somebody told me all those years ago when we both stood at the alter exchanging our wedding vows that we would both be doing what we’re doing today for Christ, his Church, and this Community, I would not have believed them!
‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’ – Philippians 4:13