Toby Raistrick

Toby volunteers for the church as the primary “Sound Desk” operator and has a passion for all things technical.
He started 10 years ago in the Summer of 2009 at Messy Church, helping to operate the Church laptop and PowerPoint slides in the songs. And since then has taken up further roles and responsibilities over the years around the “sound desk”, from the Holiday Clubs, Youth Clubs, Saturday Services, and now prepares most of our services and worship services for the screen, as well as co-ordinations the microphones and audio requirements for it all!

His favourite part of the role is the continuous evolution and development of the “sound desk”, including the recent re-ordering and re-location of equipment onto the new mezzanine, but also new worship methods including video backgrounds and PowerPoint effects. As well as new technical elements to the Church such as additional worship screens, microphones, remote control, and live music.

He works in the Global IT Department for a Regional SaaS Telematics company, whose parent IoT company based in US keeps him busy during the weekdays away from Church. This passion for IT and technology in general has led to a stronger knowledge with the Church PC, Projection, Visuals, and Website parts of the role. With slightly less knowledge and experience with the audio mixing desk specifically, but still enough to keep it under control, and the ringing feedback and echos to a minimum!

His favourite part of the services and the church is the worship together in contemporary songs. While sometimes found guilty of playing the music a little too loud, most people appreciate the visuals, experience, and sound system that has been setup in Church.