Church comes in many different shapes & sizes, and as well as Sunday worship, there are a number of Small Groups that meet regularly on weekdays. These Groups enable members of Calverley Parish to spend time exploring faith deeper and truly connecting with others. The current groups are listed below in order of time / day of the week. Our desire is for as many people as possible to be part of a Small Group.

Below are some FAQ regarding Small Groups, and if you have any other questions or would like to join or start a Small Group, please contact Victoria at [email protected]

What is the vision for Small Groups?

Our vision is for each member of the Church to be part of a Small Group, and for Small Groups to a place where we can invite our friends and family who may not feel as comfortable coming to Church.

What is a Small Group?

It’s a group of people who commit to meet regularly, to encourage each other to grow in faith (even if it’s next to none!) through studying the Bible, prayer, and support for each other.

How big is a small Group?

Typically, 10-12 people (think 12 disciples!), but our groups range from 3-20!

Where do Small Groups meet?

Most meet in a member’s home, but they can meet anywhere – in the Church, Pub, woods, wherever is COVID-safe and convenient.

Do I need to be a Christian to join?

No! Small Groups are a great place to come and ask all your questions and to really get to know a bunch of lovely people.

Do I need lots of Bible knowledge?

No! This is a way to learn some

Why should I join a Small Group?

Church is great! But it’s also great to connect to a smaller group to:
– Be discipled
– Go deeper into the Bible
– Have a team of friends praying for you
– Know each other really well and build some deeper connections
– Have fun together
– Support each other practically & spiritually
– Explore different spiritualities in a safe space
– Share testimonies and encourage each other
– To serve the community together
….so many good reasons!

How do I join a group?

See which group might meet on a day and time that suits you and contact the group co-ordinator.
Or, contact Victoria Denton ([email protected]) to discuss.

Can I set up a new Small Group?

If there’s a style or time of group that doesn’t yet exist (a knit and study group? an early morning group? a walk and pray group?) that you would like to start please do, chat to Victoria for advice. New Groups can start at any time and don’t have to be based from someone’s home. – Be creative!

Our Current Small Groups

Below are all our current Small Groups, their meeting day, time, frequency, location, and some contact information:

E.A.T (Eat & Ask Together)
Meeting day: Mondays
Meeting time: 6:30-8:00pm
Frequency: Weekly, wherever possible
Location: Calverley Vicarage, Town Gate
Contact: Victoria Denton ([email protected])
A new no-holds-barred, safe space to wrestle with the Bible, your doubts, and tricky questions (think AMA!). Basic jacket potato supper together first to share our weeks so we can pray for and support each other.

T.A.G (Tuesday Afternoon Group)
Meeting day: Tuesdays
Meeting time: 11am-2pm, including lunch together
Frequency: 1st, 3rd, & 5th Tuesdays of the month
Location: In The Barn
Contact: Sue Ward ([email protected])
Large, daytime, fun & fellowship group of mostly retirees (although all ages welcome), lively discussion of a Bible passage with occasional socials to really get to know each other.

Tuesday PM
Meeting day: Tuesdays
Meeting time: 8-9:30pm
Frequency: Weekly, wherever possible
Location: Rotates round member homes
Contact: Rachel Westwood ([email protected])
Contact: Kim Raja ([email protected])
Deep fellowship group, a safe space to share life’s ups and downs, follow a Bible study series, prayer, and practical support for each other.

Thursday PM 1
Meeting day: Thursdays
Meeting time: 7:15pm
Frequency: Weekly §
Location: Jean Waddington’s Home (Farsley)
Contact: David Jubb ([email protected])
A group of men & women gathering to study the Bible, pray, and support each other practically, forming deep friendships.

Thursday PM 2
Meeting day: Thursdays
Meeting time: 8-10pm
Frequency: Weekly whenever possible
Location: Fiona Hainsworth’s Home (Calverley)
Contact: Fiona Hainsworth ([email protected])
A group of mature Christians, gathering weekly to study the Bible, pray, and support each other practically. Currently all women but would love to have some men join!