Meet The Parish Team

Please be aware this page is still being actively worked on and updated.

Not all members of the Church team have been added yet.
We are aiming to have more contact information, updated pictures, and biographies soon!

Sue McWhinney

Hello, I’m Sue, and I have been the Curate here in Calverley since September 2017. Until recently I worked in an assistant role alongside Phil Arnold. I am now helping to cover the Vacancy alongside Robin Gamble, and I’m also working part time to cover the Vacancy at St John’s in Farsley at the moment.…

John Corbin

I was married in Calverley Parish Church over 50 years ago to Pauline. At that time, we lived in Farsley but were far from God.We moved to Calverley and started attending St. Wilfrid’s with the intention of having our first granddaughter Oliva baptised.But God had other ideas.We accepted an invitation pushed through our letterbox to…

Toby Raistrick

Toby works for the church as the primary “Sound Desk” operator, website manager, and has a passion for all things technical.He started over 10 years ago in the Summer of 2009 at Messy Church, helping to operate the Church laptop and PowerPoint slides in the songs. And since then has taken up further roles and…